First In Property

Owning Real Estate is the great New Zealand dream and helping people into that dream is what drives us.

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Your First Investment

Whether it is your first house or your 10th property investment we are able to help you.

Or Your Last


We don’t have a stock list we go and find the property that is appropriate for you.


An investment in Real Estate must be affordable to you. If it’s not then you won’t keep it and that’s not a good thing.

Better Than What Your Doing

If the investment is not better than what you are already doing then there is no point doing it. Simple really.


No matter how good the investment is if you don’t feel comfortable then you won’t sleep at night and if you don’t sleep at night then you won’t keep the investment and that’s not a good thing.


Because we are First in Property we can find you investments that are unheard of in the property investment world.


Just because you can buy an investment doesn’t mean you should sit on your laurels and do nothing else. We believe if you have borrowed to invest then you need to integrate a Debt Management into your Wealth Creation strategy.

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